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by Johnna Vasselli

As I’ve been narrowing down my bodycare products to contain only natural ingredients, I have also been thinking a lot about the body care regimens of the ancient past. As I applied my first DC Body Bar Luscious Lavender Lotion Bar, my mind wandered to Cleopatra who was notorious for including clay in her body care regimen. Clay is a highlighted ingredient in the DC Body Bar Luscious Lavender Lotion Bar and  a natural material recognized throughout history for helping skin retain its moisture.  This marriage between the Old Age and New Age feels like the re-discovering of an ancient secret, a step towards reconnecting the elements of the Earth’s natural properties to our body care routine. 

Utilizing natural elements of the earth has been an everlasting practice and the DC Body Bar Lotion Bars celebrate this exact sentiment.  Lotion bars are also the most intensely hydrating skin products available at Free of synthetic fragrance and colorants, the scent is derived from 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and the Earth’s natural clay creates the rich and beautiful natural lavender color. The lotion bar is solid and works by gliding the bar across the skin. Through our own body heat, the product melts then disperses, leaving a light gloss that gradually soaks into the skin. I like to gently massage it into my skin and spread the excess to optimize the product life of my lotion bar. 

The Luscious Lavender Lotion Bar formula highlights:

  • Coconut Oil---Known for maintaining skin’s moisture with vitamin E for smooth skin.
  • Shea Butter---Known for smoothing skin and aiding in the skin’s collagen production.
  • Beeswax---Known for providing a protective barrier on the skin, locking moisture in place.
  • Natural Clays---Known for purifying properties and ability to balance the skin’s natural oils.

Coming from Houston humidity to the arid Rocky Mountains in Colorado, I was certain that the natural moisture retained in my skin was all but lost. The DC Body Bar Luscious Lavender Lotion Bar really saves my skin throughout the year and the portable, reusable-recyclable packaging tin allows me to take it with me wherever I go. On the left is a picture of my Luscious Lavender Lotion Bar amid the rocks  on a long hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. After hours in the dry air, I applied it to my skin and still  came home to glowing shoulders. 

DC Body Bar Lotion Bars have now become a staple in my body care routine. DC Body Bar  invites us to step one foot closer to the natural practices of the ancient past while leaving our skin intensely hydrated and supple. Try one for yourself!



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