Conditioning Lemon Lip Scrub

by Johnna Vasselli

Whether you’re looking into natural body care companies or deeply immersed in beauty communities, it seems that sugar lip scrubs are all the rage when it comes to maintaining the moisture and lusciousness of your lips. You may have seen different lip scrubs surfacing about and wondered exactly what they are and how they work. After using DC Body Bar’s conditioning lip scrub, I can confidently say that sugar lip scrubs are the key to smooth, supple, and conditioned lips. 

But what are they? 

Sugar lip scrubs are exfoliating products that physically (rather than chemically) remove dead skin cells from the lips. When normal chapsticks are insufficient to address and remedy flaky, chapped lips, sugar lip scrubs come to the rescue. 

How do you use them?

Using your fingertips, you can apply sugar lip scrubs to the lips and gently rub in a circular motion to exfoliate dead skin away from dry and/or chapped lips. In DC Body Bar’s Conditioning Lemon Lip Scrub, the sugar granules in the natural formula work to rub away old skin, leaving your lips fresh and conditioned. Afterwards, you can feel free to lick away DC Body Bar’s conditioning lip scrubs, tasting the yummy lemon sweet  flavor that is completely safe to eat. 

What makes DC Body Bar’s Conditioning Lemon Lip scrub so special? 

As one of the most popular products for lips at DC Body Bar, the conditioning lemon lip scrub contains a dual-action formula that scrubs off dead skin cells while simultaneously providing deep hydration for full, smooth lips. Scented with 100% pure,  therapeutic grade essential oils, the smell is aromatic and delicious. This must-have staple product also contains coconut oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, honey and Vitamin E, all of which are known for improving skin health and appearance. Lastly, DC Body Bar’s conditioning lemon lip scrub is packaged in a portable and recyclable container that can be easily taken on the go and ethically disposed of once its delicious and soothing contents have been used. 

For me, using DC Body Bar’s Conditioning Lemon Lip Scrub has vastly improved the appearance and lusciousness of my lips. Without a moment’s notice, the arid Colorado air can dehydrate the skin on my lips, leaving them dry, cracked, and rough to the touch. With a simple dip into DC’s Conditioning Lemon Lip Scrub,  I massage away the dead skin on my lips, leaving them feeling renewed and soft. Afterwards, I follow up with my favorite lip balm from DC Body Bar (the Creme D’Orange lip balm) for naturally conditioned lips. Order yours today and see for yourself!


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