DC Bath Bombs

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DC Body Bar Bath Bombs fizz and whirl around the tub creating a trail of color, bubbles and an explosion of aromatic heaven! Our bath bombs are created using sunflower oil, mica and 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. We do not use synthetic fragrances or colors in our bath bombs. Fill your tub up, drop in your DC Body Bar Bath Bomb and lay back and relax with the ultimate in bath fun! Emerge from your home spa with soft scented skin and tranquility. 

Scents: Aloe Lemon Lime, Citrus, Flannel Forest, Lavender, Lumberjack Lemon, Minty Euca Lips, Orange Blossom, Rosie Cheeks, Tranquil Waves

Size:  Approximately 4.25 oz 

Highlights: Sunflower oil, mica and proprietary blend of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. 

Shape: Sphere Approximately 2.6" D

Color: The colors vary depending on the scent chosen

Packaging: Paper wrap, recyclable box or Oxo-biodegradable film shrink wrapped