In the fall of 2012, Danielle, a former professional numismatist, teacher and gourmet cook, lost both of her parents to Environmental Cancer within the same year. Their passing was the catalyst for a passionate journey researching body care products containing high quality ingredients that were non-toxic, detergent free, cruelty free as well as sustainably sourced and developed using naturally derived preservatives when possible. A very tall order and challenging to find, Danielle’s solution was to begin creating her own hand made, ethically crafted products for head to toe body care.  

Cindy, a long-time friend with a background in Direct Response Marketing and teaching, developed such a fascination and satisfaction with Danielle’s solid lotion bars, Bug Off Bars and Loofah soaps, that she qualified as her #1 customer. Cindy admired Danielle’s dedication investigating, researching and perfecting her formulas, but was truthfully laser focused on the convenience of sailing through airport security without having body care products confiscated, as pushing the limits of the 3-1-1 liquids rule was commonplace in her travels. The solid lotion, shampoo and hair conditioner bars were classified as non-liquid alternatives for travel. Cindy found the unique products, combined with the recyclable, reusable sustainable packaging, to be a necessity not only for her travels, but for everyday use while reducing her carbon footprint. 

A business partnership was proposed so that Danielle’s products could be available to the general consumer market. She accepted and DC Body Bar LLC was established. Danielle & Cindy hope that you enjoy DC Body Bar products and are inspired to set high standards for cleansing and nourishing your skin. They also hope that you will have peace of mind knowing that someone cared tremendously about choosing the ingredients you find in the product lines at DC Body Bar. Thank you for taking the time to read our story!

May the memory of Danielle’s parents be a blessing to all.