DC Bath Truffles

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DC Body Bar Bath Truffles are NOT edible but they do feel as heavenly on your skin as they look! DC Bath Truffles are solid rich & natural Cocoa and Shorea butters that leave your skin supple, smooth and hydrated after soaking in the bath tub. They gently dissolve and may be combined with a bath bomb for the ultimate bathing experience. The scent of the bath truffle is simply natural Cocoa butter and each bath truffle smells like chocolate. 2 Bath Truffles come in a box.

Scent: Natural Cocoa Butter, no scent added 

Size: Approximately 2" x 2" square

Highlights: Cocoa Butter, Shorea Butter

Colors: Raspberry Bath Truffle-Pink, cream, red. Blueberry Bath Truffle-Blue & cream

Packaging: Recyclable box and Oxo-biodegradable film shrink wrapping. Colors of box may vary (Kraft, black or white)