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DC LOTION BARS ARE OUR #1 MOST POPULAR PRODUCT! DC Lotion Bars are intensely hydrating, ALL NATURAL, NO synthetic colors, dyes, detergents or fragrance. Our lotion bars come in a reusable, recyclable portable tin that easily fit in purses, backpacks, briefcases and sports' bags. In addition, they are fantastic for travel and are categorized as a non-liquid body care alternative for traveling through airport security. DC Lotion Bars are available in 16 different scents which are described below for your convenience.

Lotion Bar- Lotion in a solid round bar form. Body heat is the catalyst which provides a luxurious glide-on application. Enriching butters and oils for soft skin.


Highlights:  Coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax, clay from the earth & a proprietary blend of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils

Size:  Approximately 2.25" diameter x 3/4" height

Shape: Round 

Packaging: Recyclable-Reusable Tin


Citrus Scent Collection:

Aloe Lemon Lime-Zesty mild citrus & herbal scent

Creme D'Orange-A delectable mix of orange citrus swirling into vanilla ice-cream

Grapefruity Tutti-A tangy tart aroma with a hint of sweet citrus 

Lemongrass Love-Crisp scent of lemon and botanical grasses which evoke a tropical lively scent


Floral Scent Collection:

Blue Tansy Candy-A fruity sweet floral scent with a hint of cotton candy

Jasmine Whisper-A sweet, soft, delicate scent with a whisper of Ylang Ylang

Luscious Lavender-A sweet uplifting floral aroma with fresh herbaceous undertones

Rosie Cheeks-Aroma of walking through a rose garden after the morning dew


Invigorating Scent Collection:

Minty Eucalips-Refreshing mint & eucalyptus

Ocean Mist-A clean sea breeze invigorated with a dash of tangerine & black spruce

Peppermint Jade-A zesty combo of lively citrus & mint with herbaceous undertones

Rosemary Rain-Herbaceous aroma of dew over an herb garden after a morning rain shower


Brawn Scent Collection:

Cedar Cowboy-A cedar wood-lemon scent with a hint of musk

Flannel Forest-Forest tree scents that give a fresh, crisp and wintery aroma

Lumberjack Lemon-An Earthy, grassy and lemon woodsy scent

Spicy Six Pack-A bold sweet & spicy fruity aroma balanced with a woodsy tree scent

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Anne Blyth

DC Lotion Bars

Sandy Marczewski
Loved it

I love the lotion bars, have and will continue to use them and purchase them as gifts.