Dog Paw Balm Bar

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Dog Paw Balm in a paw shaped bar form. Body heat is the catalyst which provides a smooth glide-on application. DC Body Bar Dog Paw Balm soothes, hydrates and prevents dry and cracked paw pads.  The paw balm bar protects paw pads from snow, ice, hot and rough surfaces, sand and salt residue. Simply rub on the contours of each paw pad and allow a few moments to absorb. Only a thin layer is necessary.  DC Body Bar Paw Balm contains all natural ingredients and is chemical free and non-toxic. Our Paw Balm Bar does NOT have parabens, soy, synthetic dyes, fragrance, petroleum, tea tree, mineral or flax oil.  


Scent: Natural with a hint of lavender

Highlights: Coconut oil, beeswax, Vitamin E, 100% pure, therapeutic grade Lavender essential oil. 

Size: Approximately 2 1/8" diameter x 3/4" height

Shape: Paw print

Color: White

Packaging: Recyclable-Reusable Tin