Lemon Lime Dish Soap

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DC Body Bar Solid Lemon Lime Dish Soap is fabulous for clients wanting a zero-waste dish washing soap that cuts grease and is soothing and gentle on hands.  The tin of solid dish soap lasts 2-4 months depending on use and is portable for activities such as camping, barbecues and travel. We recommend that our Solid Lemon Lime dish Soap be paired with a natural sisal cruelty free brush for washing and scrubbing dishes.


Directions: Open lid and wet brush with warm water. Swirl gently on surface of solid dish soap and begin washing dishes to activate lather. Wash and rinse dishes in warm water for best results. Tin of solid dish soap should be thoroughly dried before replacing lid to best preserve your product for maximum life span.

Tin Size: 3 1/8" diameter X 2 1/8" height

Dish Soap Contents: 8oz

Brush Size: 3 1/4" height X 2 1/2" diameter of bristle flair